Saturday, December 5, 2009

Albert Knapp

This is called the Centerville Pioneer Cemetery in Fremont California.
As you can see Albert Knapp has a fairly new headstone with a Mormon
Battalion medallion on it.

I have not checked to see the original records or who was responsible for
the placement of the grave marker.

This information provided by David Skidmore

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  1. Albert Knapp's headstone with a Mormon Battalion Historical Plaque was placed on October 27, 2003 in a commemorative service. It was done as a service project of the Charles Larsen Family Organization, descendants of Albert through his son Justin Abraham Knapp, and granddaughter Elsie May Knapp Larsen.

    There is a small booklet produced by the family organization that gives the history of the project and also of Albert, Rozina and their family. The gravesite was identified by the process of elimination. It was the only grave of a "stranger" in the Centerville Pioneer Cemetery record for the year 1864.

    I commend all involved in the project, for going out of their way to do this very fitting service for Albert Knapp and his descendants!

    My only question is why the birth year 1827 was chosen to be put on Albert Knapp's marker. Albert's history in the commemorative booklet says 1825, which is also the year stated by his mother.